Perth Based Freelance Graphic Designer with a wide array of design skills.

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BRANDING is my passion.

Hi my name is Mario Recchia and I have always been fascinated by branding. Originally pursuing corporate communications as a PR professional but I realised graphic design was really the place for me.

VISUALS give you the opportunity to communicate to your stakeholder on more levels than would ever be possible with just words.

I am always eager to tackle any design problem that comes my way and through a systematic process I come up with the best solution. Don't get me wrong those spontaneous INSPIRATION moments also play their part in the decision making.

Another important part that I learnt from corporate communications is RELATIONSHIPS. It is a good relationship with a client that often gives the best results and this is something I strive for.

Please take time to look at a few of my projects or contact me if you are interested in working together.